UNESCO World Heritage List Nomination Dossier Editing

2006—2007  General Editor on the Joggins Fossil Cliffs’ (successful) nomination dossier for inscription on UNESCO’s World Heritage List
2012 Consulting Editor, Pimachiowin Aki World Heritage List nomination dossier

Literary Editing:

2010—Editorial Board Member (Fiction), The Dalhousie Review
2008— Editorial Board Member (Fiction), The Antigonish Review
2011—2013  Reviews Editor, Numèro Cinq (Ed. Doug Glover).
2008—2010  Faculty Advisor, Fathom Magazine, Dalhousie University (student magazine)
2001—2005  Editorial Board Member, Studies in Canadian Literature
2001—2005  Committee Member and Chair (2004-2005), Canada Council Reading Series, Dept. of English, University of Windsor.
1996-2001 Executive Council Member, Maritime Writers Workshop. University of New Brunswick
1997-1999 Founding Editor and Designer of Web Arts Magazine qwerte, [www.unb.ca/qwerte]
1995-1997 Co-Editor and Founding Editor, QWERTY  (ISSN 1203-8768).
1995-1998 Founder and President of the English Department Graduate Student Society, University of New Brunswick
1994-1996 Editorial Assistant, The Fiddlehead

Short Stories in Journals and Anthologies

“Letters to Her Dead.” Prairie Fire. 28.4 (January 2008): 74-79. Print.
“The Tick and Tock Below.” ’05: Best Canadian Stories. Ed. Douglas Glover. Ottawa: Oberon, 2005. 66-79. Print.
“Cedar Gravities.” Filling Station. 33 (Summer 2005): 43. Print.
“Callus the Pipe.” The Windsor Review. 37.1 (Spring 2004): 105-06. Print.
“Kwump, Kwump, Kwump.” The New Quarterly. 84 (Fall 2002): 142-51. Print.
“The Body Machine.” The Windsor Review. 35.2 (2002):  91-98. Rpt. in QWERTY 10.1 (2006): 11-16. Print.
“Apples That Don’t Want to Get Eaten.” broken pencil 16.2 (2001): 78-80. Print.
“A Peg and One Fin.” The Fiddlehead 210 (Winter 2001): 60-79. Print.
“A Sharp Tooth in the Fur.” The Danforth Review. Jan. 2001. Web.
“Kermit Is Smut.” Dandelion 25.2 (1999): 170-81. Print.
“Grey Hound.” Zygote 6.3 (Fall 1999): 22-23. Print.
“Tomorrow’s Soldier.” Exile 22.2 (1999): 37-52. Print.
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“Kermit Is Smut,” “Sitting Up,” “To Take a Man on a Hill.” Coming Attractions ’98. Ed. Maggie Helwig. Ottawa: Oberon, 1999. 96-143. Print.
“Hand, Please.” Blood & Aphorisms 20.3 (Autumn 1995): 11. Print.
“Part of Your Own Bones.” TickleAce 30 (Fall/Winter 1995): 124-28. Print.

Poetry in Journals and Anthologies

“Daddy.” The Malahat Review. In print.
“Mommy.” The Malahat Review. In print.
“Sex: the Selfish Gene, the XX, and a Bottle of Shiraz,” “Country Dog,” “Water or Air.” Detours: An Anthology of Poets from Windsor and Essex County. Eds. Susan Holbrook and Dawn Kresan. Kingsville, ON: Palimpsest Press, 2013. 31-32; 60-61; 82-83.
“Signed Inheritance.” A Crystal Through Which Love Passes: Glosas for P.K. Page. Ed. Jesse Ferguson. Ottawa: Buschek Books, 2013. 70-7. Print.
“Plenty of Lava.” The Fiddlehead. 255. (Spring 2013): 84. Print.
“Bicycle.” The Fiddlehead. 250. (Winter 2012): 59-60. Print.
“Sex: the Selfish Gene, the XX, and a Bottle of Shiraz,” “History.” Descant. 155 (Winter 2011): 60-62. Print.
“The Softer Fossils at Joggins.” The Fiddlehead. 247. (Spring 2011): 50-51. Print.
“The Selfish Gene(s).” ARC. 65. (Winter 2011): 73. Print.
“Over Under Over.” All Rights Reserved. 1 (Winter 2010): 25. Print.
“Spiral Jetty,” “Privileged Young Men Who Hate Creativity,” “Boss Point Grindstones,” “The Cottage,” “The God Delusion,” “The Corrections.” Numéro Cinq. Web. 19 Dec. 2010.
“Fossils II.” The Nashwaak Review. 24/25.1 (Summer/Fall 2010): 442-43. Print.
“Malthus’s ‘Essay on the Principle of Population’” “Charles Darwin,” “Seed  Catalogue.” Exile. 34.1 (Summer 2010): 82-88. Print.
“Fog (Subtraction by Addition).” The New Quarterly. 115 (Summer 2010): 75. Print.
“Country Dog.” The Wascana Review. 42.1. (Summer 2010): 57-58. 6 Aug. Print.
“Marry, Not Marry.” Prairie Fire. 31.1 (Spring 2010): 12-13. Print.
“Mary Anning and Some Members.” The Fiddlehead. 241 (Autumn 2009): 89-90. Print.
“Coprolites.” The Toronto Quarterly. 4 (Fall 2009): 33. Print.
“On the Origin of the Origin of Species,” “Pitfalls, Denning.” The Antigonish Review. 157 (Spring 2009): 52-54. Print.
“Emails Enlargement to Your Inbox Now,” “Emails Enlargement to Your Inbox Soon,” “Emails Enlargement to Your Inbox Never.” Kiss Machine. 18 (Fall 2008): 7. Print.
“bombs are over.” The Common Sky: Canadian Writers Against the War. Eds. Mark Higgins, Stephen Pender, Darren Wershler-Henry. Toronto: Three Squares, 2003. 114. Print.
“Summer and Everything.” Paperplates. 3.3 (1999): 17. Print.
“Broken Window Secret,” “Rocks Dry to Popping.” “Night Secret Cottage.” Jones Av. 3.2 (July 1996): 6-9. Print.

Visual Art

obvious losses. Projected Sidewalk Long-Poem. eyelevel gallery, Halifax, NS. 28 Sept.—11 Oct., 2003. 160 slides.

Literary Essays in Anthologies

“Hunger Ledgers: Appetite in my Novel The Push & the Pull.” The Hunger Artist. Eds. Pavlina Radia and Ann McCulloch. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishers. In press.
“Can’tLit: What Canadian English Departments Could (but Won’t) Learn from the Creative Writing Programs They Host.” Creative Writing in the 21st Century: Pedagogy, Research, and Practice. Eds. Priscila Uppal and Rishma Dunlop. McGill-Queen’s UP. In press.

Magazine Essays

“Dick and Jane vs. the Palimpsest: How Canadian Universities Dilute and Counterfeit Creative Writing.” Canadian Notes & Queries. 83 (Fall/Winter) 2011. 83 (Fall/Winter) 2011: 33-38. Print.
“Genetically Modified Toads, Factory Songs and Fake Gardens: Mutations, Natural Selection and Gillermania.” Canadian Notes & Queries. 82 (Spring/Summer) 2011: 59-66. Print.
“‘His Word against Mine’: Envy, Friendship and the Novel.” The Best of Numéro Cinq Vol. 1.  Ed., Douglas Glover, 2011. Web. Monday 31 Jan. 2011.

Refereed Lectures & Conference Presentations:

“Bygone Daze: the Sepiafication of Atlantic CanLit.” Cape Breton University Art Gallery. 25 Oct. 2012.
“Casual Fridays: What Canadian English Departments Could (but Usually Don’t) Learn from the Creative Writing Programs They Host.” Creative Writing in the 21st Century: Research and Practice: Canadian Creative Writers and Writing Programs Conference. 11 May. 2012. Toronto, Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. [Paper presentation.]
“Neither Therapy nor After-School Club: The Creative Education Canada Denies Students.” Alliance of Nova Scotia Student Associations’ Future of Higher Education Lecture Series. 29 Nov. 2011. Acadia University, Wolfville, NS.
“The Palimpsest Effect: the Head and the Heart in Canadian Creative Writing Pedagogy.” Canadian Creative Writers & Writing Programs Founding Convention. 8 Oct. 2010. University of Calgary.
Keynote address (Selections from The Push & the Pull). The Hunger Artist: Food and the Arts.—University of Toronto with Deakin University and the University of Melbourne. 19 Aug. 2010. Centre for Comparative Literature, University of Toronto.
“The Insufficiency of Home: Migration, Metaphor, and Metonymy in Michael Ondaatje’s In the Skin of a Lion.” Old Environments—New Environments, VII Triennial Conference of the Nordic Association of Canadian Studies. 10 Aug. 2002. Stockholm University, Sweden.
“’He Came to the Desert’: The English Patient‘s Other Historical Hero.” Theory/History/Fiction Panel, ACCUTE—Canadian Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities. 26 May 2000. University of Alberta.
“Wandering the Earth in a Few Well-Told Lies: Michael Ondaatje and Travel Literature.” Rediscovering Canada: the Sixth Triennial Conference of the Nordic Association for Canadian Studies. 6 August 1999. University of Iceland.
“Losing Beautifully: Photography and Failure in Michael Ondaatje’s Running in the Family.” CACLALS—Canadian Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities. 29 May 1998. University of Ottawa.
“‘Dismantling Ondaatje’s ‘Terrible Letters’: a Narratological Study of the Metonymic Use of Metaphor in the English Patient.” Michael Ondaatje: la septième Colloque international organisé par le Centre d’Etudes Canadiennes de l’Université de Paris III/Sorbonne Nouvelle. 29 Nov. 1997.


2001Ph.D. English, University of New Brunswick
1996MA English and Creative Writing, University of New Brunswick
1994BAH English/Drama, Queens University

Honours and Awards:

  • $55,000 Research/Creation grant (fiction), Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, 2011-2014 (which resulted in the book Keeping Things Whole: A Novel)
  • $40,000 Image, Text, Sound and Technology Grant, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, 2008 (which reculsted in the book Origins: Poems).
  • 100 Recommended Books of 2003, The Globe and Mail [For A Sharp Tooth]
  • David H. Walker $1000 Prize in Fiction, Univ. of New Brunswick (2000)
  • $48,000 Doctoral Fellowship, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (1997-2000)